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I am Nour. I am Abnormal. Abnourmal.
i post photos of hot bodies i want to have & random shit that appeals to me. this is NOT a pro ana/mia blog. if you are either, you may talk to me at any point if you feel like you need someone. my blog promotes a healthy lifestyle, moaning over hot guys in beanies and laughing at stupid text post.

18. September 2014

I am ranked 35th over all gpa in my class

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@tatjanamariposa: quick sesh in the morning and now off to vienna 👯 #shredz @shredzwomen
17. September 2014

I’m just so busy for a while; it’ll be over soon hopefully.

Working two jobs, studying at least an hour a day on SATs, working on college apps and keeping up with school work takes a large chunk of my day.

So sorry guys. This will all blow over soon hopefully.

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