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I am Nour. I am Abnormal. Abnourmal.
i post photos of hot bodies i want to have & random shit that appeals to me. this is NOT a pro ana/mia blog. if you are either, you may talk to me at any point if you feel like you need someone. my blog promotes a healthy lifestyle, moaning over hot guys in beanies and laughing at stupid text post.


you can’t spell thug without hug

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She’s such a brat for getting me this. buttsandbarbells
I took a snapchat and its basically true

I tried singing on snapchat.

Sorry guys, im om spring break. I come home in 3 days. In 3 days my blog is gonna be reinvented. That means there is gonna be more RTGS, fitspo, thinspo, motivation and tips! Im gonna get back on track and drive you guys nuts with my blog :) im here for you guys

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Don’t think of exercise as burning off food you’ve eaten or plan to eat.

It’s not “I just burned 80 calories, now I can eat that yogurt tonight guilt-free.”

It’s “I just burned 80 calories, now I’m going to eat that yogurt to give my body the energy it needs to continue burning fat and building muscle.”

Change your mindset.

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19. April 2014


this really works for some people (like 10-30 new followers) so give it a try!

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The Most Inspirational Quotes